Fueling Growth

With confidence

Unlock strategic insights with our custom, multidisciplinary research solutions.

Fueling Growth

With confidence

Momentum Insights is a multidisciplinary research practice that leverages creativity with data to deliver insights clients trust to make strategic decisions about their markets, customers and products.

What We Do Strategic Insights for Your Business Growth

Momentum Insights provides custom research and insights solutions which support a wide spectrum of B2B and B2C sectors and needs: from strategic planning and operational excellence to customer insights, user experience/UX design, product development, and market research.

Momentum Insights LLC.

How We Do It Collaborative Partnership to Inform and Inspire

Our approach is rooted in the synergy of multidisciplinary methodologies, ensuring a balance of creative thinking and analytical precision. We specialize in forging strategic partnerships to align teams toward unified goals and illuminate pivotal insights essential for growth. 

Setting Us Apart Empowering Decisions with Confidence

Momentum Insights recognizes the dynamic nature of business and the importance of being nimble. We will work closely with your team to ensure our insights are actionable and seamlessly integrated into your business operations.

“I highly recommend Marni as a terrific research partner. Marni partnered on strategy, worked with us to create valid and reliable research instruments, and produced excellent final reports. She goes above and beyond to help clients achieve their goals.”

- Chief Marketing Officer, EdTech Company

“Marni is one of the smartest people I've met in this business. Marni always impressed me with her grasp of business strategy and how research fits into the big picture. I can't recommend Marni highly enough as a partner for any team seeking direction, clarity, or market insight.”

- Principal, Research & Analytics Firm

“Marni led our research efforts for my product portfolio as the Director of Product Management and Marketing. She is extremely diligent and an expert at supporting my team with the right methodology and approach to understand the market. With Marni's support, we were able to understand our customers' needs and where to carefully invest millions of our development dollars to improve our profits. I can't recommend Marni enough and I truly hope I am able to work with her again.”

- Product Management & Marketing Director, Learning Solutions

“Marni is a highly responsive, detail oriented researcher as well as an excellent moderator who understands analytics and the importance of preparing insightful, comprehensive reports. She has been an amazing partner in multiple projects, and I value her insights and feedback. I would recommend her highly.”

- Founder, Marketing Research Consulting Firm